GPL & GNU License Font “BPG Excelsior”


I confirm that, abovementioned font is my private design and
my private property and confirm that:

  1. Abovementioned Font may be
    distributed under the terms of General Public License(GPL).
  2. Abovementioned Font
    is licensed for free distribution by individuals and by
    companies independently, or along with any GNU Linux System or other
    open-source software, as well for free use of the typefaces for commercial
    and noncommercial needs.
Notice concerning abovementioned font:
As a special exception, if you create a document which uses this
font, and embed this font or unaltered portions of this font into the
document, this font does not by itself cause the resulting document to
be covered by the GNU General Public License. This exception does not
however invalidate any other reasons why the document might be covered
by the GNU General Public License. If you modify this font, you may
extend this exception to your version of the font, but you are not
obligated to do so. If you do not wish to do so, delete this exception
statement from your version.
Special Note:
font is available under the Bitstream Vera license
Besarion Paata Gugushvili
ბესარიონ გუგუშვილი


Georgian subsets Includes:

Unicode Standard
• Asomtavruli (Archaic) – Unicode Standard 10A0-10C5
• Mkhedruli (Modern) – Unicode Standard 10D0-10FC
• Nuskha-Khutsuri (Archaic) – Unicode Standard 2D00-2D25
• Uppercase/Titlecase (Modern) – Non Unicode Standard, Private Use Area (PUA) F400-F426

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