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ფონტ Nokia Pure-სათვის ქართული დამწერლობის დამატებაზე Nokia-მ ხელშეკრულება დაუდო ფირმას „Dalton Maag“, რომელმაც თავის მხრივ 2011 წლის 09 09 კონსულტანტად მიიწვია BPG-InfoTech.

Dalton Maag-ის საწყისი

Dalton Maag-ის საწყისი

კორექტურები BPG-InfoTech პირველი შენიშვნების გათვალისწინებით

კორექტურები BPG-InfoTech პირველი შენიშვნების გათვალისწინებით

ნახევარწლიანი თანამშრომლობის შედეგად მიღწეული იქნა Nokia Pure-ს მხედრულის გარკვეული გაუმჯობესება და მისი ქართული კალიგრაფიისა და ტიპოგრაფიის ნორმებთან დაახლოვება — თუმცა რიგ შემთხვევებში Dalton Maag-ის დიზაინერი მიცემული რჩევა-დარიგებების მიუხედავად ვერ ჩაწვდა ქართული კალიგრაფიის თავისებურებებსა და ქართული ასოების პროპორციებს.

საბოლოო ეტაპზე Dalton Maag-ის დიზაინერმა ჯიუტად უარი განაცხადა BPG-InfoTech-ის კატეგორიული რჩევა-დარიგებების სრულ გათვალისწინებაზე, რის გამოც მათთან თანამშრომლობა შეწყდა.

საზოგადოებრიობას წარმოვუდგენთ Nokia Pure-ს BPG-InfoTech-ისეულ ვერსიას. Dalton Maag-ის ვერსია ალბათ მომავალ რამდენიმე თვეში გამოჩნდება.

რამდენადაც Nokia Pure-სთვის BPG-InfoTech-ის შეთავაზებული ვერსია ორიგინალურია და არსებითად განსხვავდება Dalton Maag-ის ვერსიისგან — BPG-InfoTech-ის ქართული შერწყმული უფასო ფონტთან DejaVu საზოგადოებრივად მისაწვდომი გავხადეთ.




Dalton Maag“-ის კომენტარი:
Wednesday, 23 May 2012

წყაროს PDF ასლი:

Gorgeous Georgian for Nokia Pure

Spoken Georgian is the first language of approximately 4 million Georgians and another 500,000 people outside Georgia. It is a language that is written in a script system that has an interesting history, with the modern alphabet coming into use around the 13th Century. The script is also used by a number of smaller, related languages in the same region. Although this script isn’t used by the vast numbers that read and write Arabic or Devanagari, it was a script that had to be included in the Nokia Pure family. In order to continue Nokia’s aim of being able to speak to as many people as possible in their own writing system and language, the scripts used by relatively small groups of people must be included in the project.

When we came to start work on the Georgian design for Nokia Pure we quickly ran across several problems. The first of these is a problem that we have encountered with several non-Latin scripts; there is very little tradition of typography in Georgia, and researching printed Georgian was difficult. That made it even more important that we find a native expert to help us, but out of all of the scripts that we have worked on so far, this was the most difficult to find a native expert who could help us with our design. After some more research we were surprised to discover that a Georgian ex-Prime Minister, Besarion Gugushvili, was an expert in typography, so we enlisted his help.

The Georgian alphabet differs considerably from the Latin alphabet. Latin typefaces have an x-height, which is, as the name suggests, the area in a typeface that is the height of a lowercase x. This is the area in which most of the visual information is concentrated, and that makes the letters readable. In Nokia Pure we have purposefully enlarged the x-height to aid readability. In Georgian there is no equivalent of an x-height; it is the middle portion of the letter that has most of the visual information. We had to create entirely different proportions to deal with this script, but maintain the look and feel of the Latin font.

We designed several versions of each letter. We then tested these to see which was most legible, and whether we felt they were true to the design of Nokia Pure. Although we wanted the font to be as Pure as possible, we also wanted to use the forms that Georgian readers were most comfortable with. In several cases we stepped back from what we would have considered to be the simplest form and went with something that was more what our readers were used to. As with all of the Nokia Pure scripts, we don’t want this font to simply look good, it has to be functional too.

Modern Georgian has not used capital letters, but these are now becoming more common. They are mostly used on signs and are simply realigned versions of the lowercase letters. As these are part of Georgian culture, they are included in the Nokia Pure Georgian design. We’re now confident that we’ve designed something that will not only be a great extension of Nokia’s brand, but will also be something that Georgians will love to read with.

Nokia Pure_ Gorgeous Georgian for Nokia Pure

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