Mtavruli for Perfect Bicameral Fonts


During XX century most popular uppercase (then called “Title”) fonts where designed as isolated types — not linked, connected with some lowercase (Mkhedruli) font (for examples such a special Title types are famous: ”Gremi”, “Pakizi”, “Shemoqmedi”, “Balaveri”, “Groteski”, “Sakartvelo”, etc.).

Nowadays, architectonics of uppercase (Mtavruli) types organically linked with lowercase (Mkhedruli) is being developed actively as ONE/UNITED bicameral font type. In a little country of Georgia, per year, several lowercase (Mkhedruli) typefaces are created, which have their own uppercase (Mtavruli) — true bicameral fonts. Media companies (newspapers, magazines, TVs) now actively use uppercase letters of united bicameral type (even in their brand style fonts, which is a trend in Georgia). So, a wide field, demand appeared to create organically united uppercase (Mtavruli) types for lowercase (Mkhedruli) ones — this leads to real bicameral types/fonts for Georgian.

Mkhedruli Mtavruli (uppercase) letters architecture, from the time they appeared, was capitally different with their own extents, then Mkhedruli types (lowercase). Difference is about width and proportions of letters, which are mainly wider then Mkhedruli and have bigger/higher central oval. Mandatory, Mtavruli must be the organic fragment of its own Mkedruli typeface (is to be part of same fontface), and that requires more creative work and skills…

Modern Paradigm:

The personal opinion of BPG is that Mtavruli letters, besides that are to have noticeably big central oval and thicker lines, theirs baseline is to be slightly lower than Mkhedruli, and Caps Height is to be slightly higher than Ascender (usually, in Lathin fonts, Caps Height is lower then Ascender!).






Text examples:



Printed Book Example (2015)


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