Realm CMS

Realm CMS V.3.1, 2009, Content Management Software by BPG-InfoTech Co. Copyright ©2006-2008 BPG-InfoTech Co.

21K დასაწყისის ერთ-ერთი ყველაზე პოპულარული, სწრაფი, მრავალფუნქციური და იოლი ASP ვებ საიტების სამართავი სისტემა.



Realm CMS is unique classic ASP application integrating together Content Management and Blogging web publishing.  

Realm CMS is fundamentally based on the technology of caching – simultaneously using server’s RAM and disk. This means that Realm CMS web site is easily managed as are database driven web sites and the same time it is as fast, robust as web sites based on pure HTML. This feature makes Realm CMS MS Access database driven web site fast and robust as are enterprise level database driven sites.

Realm CMS is easy, simple, fast, intuitive, handy instrument for the full featured, power web site creation and management.

Realm CMS can be used to make a fun home page, blog for your family, as well as a serious web site for your community, your company. Realm CMS can be used to publish illustrated articles, books, news, announcements.

To get a site up with Realm CMS is simple and fast. Presenting thousands of publications to the thousands of web audience is not any problem for Realm CMS and… for You – with Realm CMS.



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